Monday, March 23, 2009

Growin' and Sewin'

What the heck can a 9 1/2 month pregnant momma buy to feel good?

Shoes? No way...
Clothes? HECK NO!
Fabric? You betcha!!!!

Just got in some new cuts of fabric and hopefully baby will wait for me to get to them :) The postman delivered some fun prints from Moda's new WONDERLAND collection on Sat. and I'm in love... SO CUTE! Finally a Japanese-inspired line that is affordable and fantastic. Made a bag with the TEA TIME and METAMORPHOSIS fabric this weekend and have a few other bags cut out to make this week. You can find the bag here. There are butterflies and birds and mushrooms... so much cuteness!



Today brought the arrival of this random collection of fabrics I've been eyeing for a bit...

More birds (of course!) and an adorable large-scale print by IKEA. My sister-in-law bought the kids some placemats with these critters on them, and I'm planing to make some cloth napkins to match. Would also make some cute small wet bags (for snack bags). Kind of an eclectic collection, but that's the joy of buying fat quarters and half yards - pretty non-committal :)

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