Friday, November 21, 2008

November Greetings!

Hi all! Wow... it's been a while since my last post - sorry about that! I'll make this one short and sweet though :) Things are great here - just busy (as I am sure is the case with everyone this time of the year). I'm committed to not get stressed about the holidays this year and so far, so good! I just don't have the energy!

Just spent the better part of 2 hours (time flies...) looking at wooden kitchens online for the kids for x-mas. Boy there are a ton of options! Space is somewhat of an issue for us, so I think I'll have to opt for one without a hutch. This one is looking like the winner so far - just need to measure the spot that I want it to go in tomorrow. The company is also local-ish (~ a hour from us), so I like knowing that (1) we'd be supporting local folks and (2) we might be able to save some $ on shipping.

As for crafty stuff, last month saw a few kid's birthdays, so I made some odds and ends:

A Thomas Tote for my friend's son who loves trains as much as Sydney loves Nemo and penguins

A Ravens outfit for another little boy (born 18 hours after Ben!)

Another twirl skirt set (love the fall colors!!!!) for the daughter of a friend - hopefully I'll get to make a set for Sydney and Jordan (my niece) next week.

Also made a bunch of these shirts for a friend to give to her nieces and nephews - I love how the baseball ones turned out!

This week I'm hoping to get my wholesale wet bag orders all done and shipped, and figure out a good fix for this stocking, sent to me by a customer & friend in CA:

I drew a red line to show the damaged area - a critter got into their Christmas box and had a little snack :( Any creative ideas for a fix? We were thinking of making the whole toe area a red velvety fabric, or possibly just the damaged part. Her daughter loves this stocking, so it has to be saved!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We're going to get snow at some point I think... My how I miss this already! It was gorgeous while it lasted!

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stacysews said...

Ok, that Ravens outfit is ADORABLE! I may have to make Easton some Steelers (dad is a HUGE fan) gear. BTW, where did you find the grey long sleeved onesie?