Friday, October 03, 2008


We love PlayDoh around here - I'm talking about up to 3-4 hours some days of PlayDoh love...

I finally decided that our first 2 packs need to be retired - one is filled with ~ 6 containers of nasty gray, gummy, yucky PlayDoh (from when Sydney decided early-on to combine all of the colors). The other pack still has it's original colors intact, but they crumble pretty easily and are very hard to work with.

Out with the old, in with the new... BUT.... did you know that the PlayDoh brand containers aren't recyclable?! Hubby thought I was nuts when I told him that I am boycotting buying any more of that particular brand anymore (given Sydney's PlayDoh love), but seriously - there's got to be other options out there that are more eco-friendly.

So the search begins...

I can make my own playdough:
- recipe on
- recipe on

Or can get some of the ecofriendly playdough that's out there:


"Eco play-dough is delivered to your door using recycled pails and air tight tamper-proof lids. On collection day simply leave your pail and old eco-dough out for collection and one of our team will pick up and replace with fresh, hygenic Eco Play-dough. EPDF will then recycle your used Eco-dough to create a by-product you can use in your Garden -Eco Fertiliser. "

- Over the Rainbow

- Mary's SoftDough

I'm thinking scented playdough is a nice idea, but given that kids already like to eat the regular stuff, I'll stay clear of the "flavors" for a few years :)

I will give making it a try, but I've heard from several friends that it's pretty messy (which could be fun....) and doesn't really work that well. Would love to hear ideas / feedback from any of you guys that have tackled this issue already. Thanks! ~ Kris


Lara said...

Hi Kris! We always make our own playdough - it's fun and it's great to knead while it is warm. I usually make a big batch then divide it and work some different colours of food dye into each lump. I use a hot cooked recipe where you mix it all up and stir it on the stovetop. I store it in the fridge and it lasts for ages.

Jennifer said...

So cool! I am not sure I would like scented stuff, I love the smell of playdough as is. Also there is another seller on etsy who sells it too. I haven't tried it yet, but I am thinking santa will need some for stockings!

Adrienne said...

I'm thinking eco dough ... If I check it out I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

Kris - Found your blog today as I googled, "recycling play doh containers". I went out to Hasbro's website and found their FAQ response to our joint concern. Here is there answer along w/ the inquiry I just sent them. Thought you might be interested in my approach. If they do not respond somewhat appropriately I may be boycotting as well. Here is the message I sent to them:

I referred to your FAQ answers and found this:
Can PlayDoh cans be recycled?
Play-Doh is loved by consumers around the world and all the manufacturing comes from the same place. Recycling requirements vary by country and it would be next to impossible to control the markings without confusing consumers.

Play-Doh cans use 3 different kinds of resin. The can itself is PP (Polypropylene), or number 5, and the lids are EITHER a blend of LDPE (Low density Polyethylene), which is #4, and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), which is #2, OR just HDPE (2).

We suggest you check with your municipality to see if the cans should be recycled in your area.
My response to your answer:
Somewhat fine explanation; however, I think there are glaring errors in the logic of both manufacturing the containers and the labeling. To some extent this answer truly sounds like a cop out. Please explain or consider the following further:

First concern: Why are some of the lids made out of a mix of resins 4 and 2? If it is easier to recycle singular type resin lids, then they should all just be made that way, correct?

Second concern: World-wide we all understand the triangle symbol for recycling. Just mfr the lids w/ the symbol on them so dedicated people don't have to come to your site to search for information. Sadly, you know that many people are tossing these out instead of finding ways to reuse them, etc. It is time to retool the machines to include this information for all consumers who are trying to do the right thing.

C'mon Hasbro gang. You can do this!

Proud Play doh purchaser, Julie Sykes

Kris said...

Thanks for that email Julie! Our recycling center only takes #1 and #2 :( Good info to know though.. ~ Kris