Friday, July 11, 2008

Things we're working on lately...

Gentle Touches

Catching the opening of the Day Lilies

Catching some fish

Having fun - New England Style :)
(we bought a little boat earlier this season and literally spent the entire weekend on it... ahhh....)

A perk to living in the Lakes Region - sure, we get a ton of snow, but we luckily also get this :)


Em said...

Ooooh - So nice! It looks like you've been having a great time. We love to spend time at my parent's lake house. It's usually very relaxing and a layed-back time for all of us!

I've been really busy lately too... I wrote an article about backyard chickens, started a petition about it, was interviewed by the local NBC station, and started a new blog about the backyard chicken movement in our town... all in the last 3 days! Whew... no sewing has been accomplished!

I need a couple of days at the lake!

beebee mod said...

Sounds so fun!