Sunday, September 09, 2007

Whatever floats your.... belly?

I hadn't heard of this one before, but after going through such a long labor with Sydney, I'm game to try ANYTHING that might help me out. She wasn't a big baby (only 6 lb 12 oz), but she was what the docs call "OP" (occiput posterior), or in English, she was facing the wrong way, I had back labor, and she just didn't want to come out. The new thing that the docs and midwives are encouraging is to have moms-to-be lay in inner tubes ~ 20 minutes per day to encourage the baby to settle in the correct position. They are also using them at the hospital for women who present OP at the time of delivery, and they say that they've been able to avoid some c-sections because of it. Pretty neat! I feel like a bit of a freak while I'm floating on the bed / floor, but at least I'm getting caught up on some magazines!

I wish that I could report in on some fabulous crafting creations, but to be honest, I haven't had the time lately to do much aside from orders. I'm finishing up the last of my customs before I take Oct. off... then I'll hopefully get to have some fun and start decorating the rooms that hubby and I have been so hard at work on lately (new hardwoods were put in about a week ago so we have been painting and re-trimming the entire upstairs... this is WAY beyond "nesting").

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :) Kris

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I am Jen said...

Sound like what we did before each baby. Way beyond the norm of nesting, but normal for us. And that is very interesting with the inner tubes. Seems as though it would be fun. May baby boy be looking the right way!